Serving all of Ontario, our ALI Certified Inspectors ensure timely and professional service for all automotive and heavy duty lifting equipment. With trained technicians, we not only provide annual inspections and repairs but also certify every make & model, guaranteeing utmost safety and proper certification for your peace of mind.

Safety is the Top Priority

You care about your people and want to keep them safe with safe equipment and empower them with the right knowledge through comprehensive, certified training.

Province-Wide Expertise

Serving the entirety of Ontario with ALI Certified Inspectors and trained technicians ready for all makes & models of automotive lifting equipment.

Comprehensive Care

From annual inspections to prompt repairs, we ensure your equipment's longevity and top-tier performance.

Professional Assurance

Benefit from timely service, proper certification, and the unparalleled standards of the Automotive Lift Institute.

Your Success is Our Business

By complying with the Ontario Ministry of Labour standards which require all hoists in the province to be inspected annually, our team will inspect the working order of your lift using Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) procedures to ensure that all components are safe for use.

In the event that our hoist inspection shows that a lift is not in working condition, our service team can repair that equipment to bring it up to safety standards and provide you with proper certification when finished.

You can count on our team to provide you with timely and professional service, and ensure that all safety standards are met for the lifting equipment in your garage.

Elevate Your Efficiency and Trustworthiness

Imagine fewer operational woes, enhanced trustworthiness in the eyes of customers, and an overall smoother, more profitable business flow.

No juggling multiple providers based on region or equipment type, saving you time and headaches.
Fewer disruptions due to equipment malfunctions, reducing downtime and potential loss of income.
Boost customer trust, reduce liability concerns, and ensure smoother operations without regulatory hitches.

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